Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My FINAL argument on becoming/being a vegetarian

So here's the thing, it is no secret to anyone that I LOVE to argue. It's my own, sick and twisted, personal entertainment. However, you know when people break or sprain something, and they wear a cast and have people constantly asking OVER and OVER again, "How did you break that?" Or "How did that happen?" And eventually they get really tired of it? Welcome to my life as a newborn Vegetarian.

When I started telling people in my life of my recent decision, they completely flipped the switch. These weren't just random people who I couldn't care less about either, they were friends, as well as family, who mean the world to me. To be honest, I was a little shocked and disappointed. They literally reacted like I was coming out of the closet. That would have been the exact reaction I would have expected if that had been the case, (although if I was, shame on you for reacting that way anyway!)  In reality,  I'm simply changing my eating ways. Now let me explain, if I was saying I was going to stop eating in general, start on some drugs, or tell them I'm pregnant, those reactions would have been completely understandable. I am proud to say, none of those were the case. I won't use anything specific in attempt not to offend anybody, but, I was literally arguing CONSTANTLY with different people about it from 3 pm on Sunday, to 9 pm. I've gotta say, I'm exhausted. Also, I'm not willing to argue this for the rest of my life, when my mind is already made up. So, here is my LAST and FINAL argument about becoming, and remaining, a Vegetarian.


Well, originally, when I was going out to eat or just plain out eating what was in front of me, I was never thinking, "Hmm... I wonder how this got here?" I was too busy thinking, "Mmmm. Deep fried chicken, you rock my life."

Yes, I had met previous people who were Vegetarian, but I wasn't really close with them, so once again, I dismissed any entry of thought to that.

My curiosity was peeked, however, when I became good friends with a Vegetarian. The more I hung around him, the more thought I put into it. He's been a Vegetarian for nine years now, and I'd consider him a fairly smart individual, so I found myself wondering what the reason behind it was. A nine year commitment is nothing to joke about after all.

So, I tried it out for a week. Nobody seemed to care then, because they thought I wouldn't stick with it. I'll admit, I didn't. I had fun trying new things on different menus, but I wasn't really "getting into it" per say. I wasn't substituting my lack of meat for other protein items or doing any research on it. I only did it because I was curious. So, when the end of the week came, I found myself eating a chicken sandwich, ONLY, I started feeling wierd about it. I continued for the next week to eat meat, but I found myself doing it much less, and still feeling wierd about it, but I couldn't really pin point why.

After being argued with endlessly the other day, and some of you practically daring me to say I have a good reason or doing this, I was able to find ALL of my reasons. So, I guess I owe you guys a big, fat, thank you :)

My own personal reasons that I'm willing to discuss:

- Let's get stereotypical, part of me is doing this for the animals. I don't care what your argument is on  "Animals are created for hunting as part of the circle of life." Thing is, I feel like it's out of hand.

Example A:

Example B (and I will warn you, this one is a little brutal, so if you feel the need to skip it, go right ahead.):      

Example C:

I'll admit, I can see Example C being more of an opinion, but come on, we're hitting the million and billions? Isn't that a tad overkill? Not to mention the way the majority of them really are treated, that's insane. Most people would rather just not think about it though because being a Vegetarian is such a huge switch, and let's be honest, who doesn't like the easy route?

Moving on to my next reason:

It's healthier all around. I mean, obviously if you go around eating french fries and ice cream for every meal of the day, that's not healthier. Being a Vegetarian requires the SAME DIET RULES as a person who eats meat, the only difference is, Vegetarians get benefits ;)

There is a very long list of different benefits, so I will only name a few that I saw constantly repeated on different websites such as these:




Less risk of:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Kidney Stones
  • High blood pressure


  • Builds strong bones
  • Greater life span (it looks like the average ended up being around 4 more years for ladies and around 7 for gentlemen)
  • Better Immune System

Still not convinced? No worries, I have more ;)


I started thinking, "Geez, there sure are a lot of plus sides, but I'm sure there are downsides too, and I should probably know what they are." So, I went out of my way to find some.

Below is a link to the blog: No Meat Athlete. A blog by a Vegetarian who is a runner, and oddly enough, got his 10 minute reduced time AFTER he became a Vegetarian. Food for thought?

For those of you who want the quick version, it's basically him listing negative things about being a Vegetarian like,"Not as many options when you go out to eat", or "Cooking isn't as much fun". Really, they are basically a bunch of opinions that could be argued with, and he even adds a nice little plus side (basically arguing with himself) right afterwards. However, the heads up was nice, and he's quite the writer as well.


But of course, I didn't want to rely on just one resource, so I did a little more looking around through Yahoo users.

The only thing I was getting really concerned about, was what I was going to do about protein. Leading me to search: Facts and Myths on being a Vegetarian.



Oh look, problem solved. I found a lot of sites that read the whole "you can't get the same protein" blah, blah, whatever, it's a Myth. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely not the same as just swallowing a chunk of meat and getting that protein, but it really isn't much harder than knowing what protein is in, (eggs, nuts, etc.) and all of that, is stuff that I eat anyway. So... what's the big deal again?

Wrapping this up, it helps the environment SO MUCH.

Yes, I used screen shots on my phone, yes, I find it sad that none of these pictures read that I got a text during that whole time.... :) Natalie= Super lame.

World Hunger? Wow. I think that's sort of awesome. Honestly, that really caught my attention as well. Isn't that something we've been trying to solve for a while now?

I know there are so many more things that could be argued with and against this topic, but like I said, I'm tired of arguing. I want you guys to know, this post was not meant to offend or "convert" anyone, you may do whatever you please. It is simply me trying to help you understand why I am doing whatever I please, and why I am done arguing about it. Because... it's really not up for debate :)

If worse comes to worse, you at least got to learn some random facts to help you argue with other people about this particular subject, right? 

Natalie, over and out.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The two year sequel

Alright! It has obviously been a while! 2 years, to be exact. 

Anyway, I am officially returning to blogging because let's be honest, I can do much better than what I did before, plus I really need a life. And we all know bloggers lead the fullest lives ;)

So, for todays blog, let's go ahead and share with you guys a few of the things that I have learned as a dog groomer. (One year of experience as of last month, and four and a half months of grooming full time!)

1. Dogs have an automatic "sit" trigger, if you lift up their tail to do their sanitaries, 95% of the time they will automatically sit down.

2. Dogs that are aggressive, usually let you know within the first couple minutes or seconds of you touching them. (Coming later, the different personalities of dogs that are brought to the salon.)

3. If a dog IS aggressive, use a towel to put over their head. Towel= best friend. Ever. If the dog isn't able to see what's going on, it's a lot harder for him/her to be upset about it, also, most dogs won't be able to bite through the towel and actual cause any harm to you if you put it over their head and pick them up quickly enough.

4. Every dog reacts in different ways when they are brought to a grooming salon. You have the anxious ones, the nervous ones, the aggressive ones, the happy ones, etc. However, no matter what kind of emotion they are feeling, it goes away for every. single. one of them. as soon as lunch time comes around and you have food. Then, they all go into begging mode, suddenly remembering they are still normal dogs.

5. Dogs are about respect, and they will sense any doubt from you if you do not hold your confidence high. It is AMAZING, how different the dogs will act if you are confident.

Looking forward to sharing more with you guys!

-Signing out.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Horse Trainer, The One, the Mother, and the Cosmetologist

Dream Numbers 16, 17, 18, and 19: Maybe four at a time?

Dream Number 16: Being a horse trainer could be nice, I like horses anyways right? I'm just worried about injuries. They got a lot of power in them, a whole lot of pure muscle that weighs a lot more than me.

Dream Number 17: I will be the one that makes the difference.

Dream Number 18: I WILL be a Mother.

The greatest Mom anyone could ever ask for. :)

Dream Number 19: I'm pretty sure I would definitely love to do Cosmetology, and I'm actually going to take classes for it at the DATC.

That's all folks! Other than that, just working and making lots of new friends! Oh, and by the way, I was super super STOKED to find out today that the High Councelor in my singles ward is Jon Schmidt. Can I get a heck yeah? :) 

Anyways, make tomorrow be the best Monday possible! Imagine it being Friday :)
Signing out!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Vet Tech, the Professional Horseback Rider, and the Exotic Animal Trainer

Dreams 13, 14, and 15: Did I not say these would be three at a time?

Dream Number 13: I would love to be a Vet Tech, being able to help animals for those that have a fighting chance would be an awesome way to live my life every day.

Tell me you wouldn't give this puppy anything it wanted,
and look it in the eyes while saying it. Very doubtful.

Dream Number 14: I would love to be a Professional Horseback Rider :)

Jumping horses is actually one of my all time favorite things to do.

Dream Number 15: I would love to be an Exotic Animal Trainer, seriously, how amazing would it be to  work with animals every day that most people don't get to even come close to? That's practically a double win, I would work with animals AND be an Exotic Trainer.

Worth it :)

Have a wonderful day!

Signing out!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maybe some Landscape Design?

Dream Number 12: I think it would be pretty cool to get into landscape design.

Sadly, for some wierd reason, blogger is not accepting my picture uploads at the time being. So, in one of my other dreams I will track back to this one and show everyone the 4 minute picture I drew. :)

But, I would love to design backyards especially. One of the houses I lived in had an amazing backyard and I took it for granted. There was a waterfall, a pond, even a bridge going over it, with plenty of room to run around and a trampoline added later on, it was gorgeous.

More split shifts this week, but, I'm hanging in there, and it's good money and good hours :)
Plus the people I work with are really fun, so it's kind of like hanging out a lot and making money for it.

Have a wonderful Monday tomorrow!

Signing Out.

The Photographer, Hip Hop Dancer, and Radio Host

Dream Numbers 9, 10, and 11: Obviously we're doing these dreams three at a time since my schedule is so crazy haha

Dream Number 9: I would love to be a photographer, even as just a side job.

It's the little details that most people miss.

Did anyone else think "Dog pile" when they saw this?

It's the fact that most people see animals, such as tigers, as dangerous and beautiful,
when really, their a lot like us, there is so much more to them than that.

That is why I would love to be a photographer, to capture those moments in nature that we are all so convinced we know, but there is this whole other side that isn't even clicking through our minds. Any great moment can be caught.

Dream Number 10: I would love to be a hip hop dancer, not just hip hop, I would like to do a mix of hip hop and ballet.

Dream Number 11: I would love to be a Radio Host, I talk really loud and all the time anyway right? Might as well make money for it ;)

Other than that, nothing too big. I'm just working like crazy doing double shifts and all that fun stuff. I haven't seen my puppy a lot, and I hate that, but hopefully I will find a way to get good hours without the double shifts.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! :)

Signing out!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Inventor, Journalist, and English Teacher

Dream Number 6, 7, and 8: I sincerely apologize for not updating my dreams every day, it has been busy, but here is the new stuff!

Dream Number 6: I would love to be an Inventor.

I would like to be a person to come up with new and creative things, even if it's just an inspiring idea, that idea still jumped off mine. :)

Dream Number 7: I would love to be a Journalist.

One of my bigger dreams is to be involved in Journalism. I love writing, hearing stories, and putting a story in my own words.

Dream Number 8: I would love to be a High School English Teacher, also one of my bigger dreams.

This was my 9th grade English Teacher.

He inspired me more than any other teacher I've ever had, hands down. It's not just me either, students like him so much that they've created a fanpage for him. He taught English, but it was along side many life lessons. If I become an English Teacher, I want to teach the way that he does. I remember him reading, "Tom Sawyer" to the class, and he wouldn't just read, one day he actually showed up dressed like Tom Sawyer.

Another thing I will never forget, is when he showed us a list of crazy things like looking for ghosts in graveyards and other amazing tales. He asked us to check off each adventure on the list that we'd actually done, few of us got past 5. He had done every adventure on that list, he told us that up until now, we've only been existing, not actually living, because society is slowly forgetting what living is all about, it's more than just t.v. and cell phones.

He knew the way to get the students' attention, and make it easier for us to learn, as well as easier for us to want to learn. He also would drive an hour every day for his job, just because he enjoyed teaching us. That right there, is someone truly incredible.

Other than that, I've just been working the new job this week and loving it :)

Signing out!